Navitie House, pictured in our photo above, is an important part of the history of both Scotland and Joe Zanrè.  Once a substantial Norman estate, it has been reduced over the centuries, and now occupies a mere five acres. Just over the hill is Loch Levin, where Mary, Queen of Scots was imprisoned by her cousin Elizabeth of England.  After her rescue, local folklore has it that she was given overnight refuge at Navitie House, a previous residence on this location.  Manor houses have occupied this spot on Navitie Hill since the twelfth century.

Joe was born at home in Navitie House in the early 1950s.  His early years are remembered fondly as being full of peace and tranquility.  The grounds of Navitie House provided lots of space for exploration and adventure.

In ancient times, this was a sacred grove, from which the word Navitie is derived.  Perhaps it was this ancient religious and ceremonial sanctity that leant it the air of tranquility that Joe experienced as a child.