Zan on Zen: Saying “No!” to Negativity is meant for those who experience a deep, instinctive drive to explore the spiritual side of their lives. Often our desire to do so is more than mere curiosity; it is something that we are compelled to pursue, since we feel that our lives cannot merely be fleeting physical experiences. Many among us, and the number is increasing daily, seek answers to the mysteries of our existence, and they will hopefully find this book to be a suitable guide on their journeys of exploration. The oriental philosophies, such as the true yogi teachings, Zen Buddhism and others, all have a common thread running through them. This book presents the common thread in an up to date manner, using a model to which almost everyone can relate. By modernizing the ancient wisdoms of the east, in a way that reflects western culture, the underlying philosophy becomes global in nature, and can be more easily grasped and appreciated.

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